Welcome greetings by the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning –
Dean, Prof. Yasha Grobman and Conference Chair Prof. Ezri Tarazi

Chair Prof. Ezri Tarazi

Barry Katz: Redesigning Design Gesche Joost: Digital Society: The role of Design in transformation Kalevi Ekman: Passion Based Learning

Tom Shaked: Autonomous Robotic Stone Dressing Isabella Molloy: Designed Deposition Denisa Reshef Kera: Lithopia: Engaging Stakeholders in Blockchain Futures Offri Lotan: Re-Design the Modern Surfboard Ofer Berman: Digital Tabular Coral
Bianca Herlo: Co-Designing Public and Political Deliberation Romi Mikulinsky, Alon Shikar: D-Mars - Design Research Out of this World Ute Hilgers-Yilmaz: Complementary Alternative Medicine Merav Perez, Matan Zohar: Exploring Parametric Typography in Augmented Reality Arielle Blonder, Shira Shoval: Composite Design: 1+1=3
Marine Zorea: Sonic Mapping of Everyday Interactions at the Elderly Home Safi Hefetz: The Designer, as a Technology Strategist Tami Warshavski: The Future is Creative Raz Elias: Flex AR Case Wendy Ju: Addressing Cross-Cultural Differences in Design
Liron Lavi Turkenich: Aravrit: One Script, Two Languages Itay Niv: Talking to Children’s Books with Semantic Similarity Avishag Shemesh: How does Geometry of Space Affect our Emotions Kartikeya Date: An Approach to Designing Archives in The Digital Age Alessia Buffagni: Smart Clothing for Fall Prevention in Older Adults
Alexander Geht: Anatomic Mass Customization and Assistive Technology Michal Greenberg Abrahami: Sensory-Diagnostic Tool for Multiple Sclerosis Patients Francesca Toso: Re-thinking the Design of Rehabilitative Devices Yaniv Glozman: Is the iPhone a Work of Art? Ezra Ozery: The Gamification of Physical Therapy in Virtual Reality
Deepshikha: Digital Crafts for Non-Verbal Self-Expression Ezri Tarazi: Prehospital Digital Wearable Combat Casualty System Yonatan Assouline: Designing Medical Vibrator Tamar Yehezkel: Knowledge Sharing: Empowering Future Experts Asaf Cohen: Video-based Emergency Communication Protocol
Philip Meier: Value Capture Mechanisms in Platform-Orchestrated Networks David Behar: Community Surveillance and Mass Surveillance