Design has become a strategic resource for successful technology companies and one of the most important features needed for the success of new high-tech startups. In 2016, more than a third of the startups with the most robust investment in the US had at least one designer as a co-founder. Design is now accepted as not just “nice to have”, but one of the key elements required for differentiation and business expansion. Design enhances technology and helps to make it accessible. In Israel, Design is traditionally affiliated with art or architecture schools and is hardly present in science, engineering and technology programs. Realizing the urgent need to incorporate design courses into its engineering curricula, the Technion Design-Tech Initiative:

  1. In the short-term – launching a cluster of undergraduate courses to expose students to important design concepts and methodologies.
  2. In the long-term – preparation of a strategic plan for the establishment of a Technion-wide Design Center.

The cluster of design courses will include undergraduate electives in design for students from all engineering faculties. Some of these classes will be held in a special studio space that will be suitably renovated and equipped to teach Design skills and Thinking workshops. This classroom will include digital sketch surfaces, Post-it boards, digital prototyping tools and a flexible furniture arrangement appropriate for team workshops. In addition, a few outstanding students to participate in professional development courses, exchange programs, competitions, exhibitions, and conferences, etc. that promote the subject matter of technology and design.

Most significantly, the Technion will leverage the experience of creating the cluster of design courses to investigate and develop a strategic plan for establishing a new Design-Tech Center as a central hub at the Technion.

The Technion Design Initiative is generously supported by
The Firefly Scientists’ Foundation



Prof. Ezri Tarazi | Industrial Design Graduate Program (Chair), Technion
Prof. Haim Parnas | Visiting Associate Proffesor
Prof. Haim Parnas | Visiting Associate Proffesor