Ofer Berman | PhD Candidate

Ofer Berman
Phd Candidate

Prof. Ezri Tarazi
Prof. Nadav Shahar

Digital Tabular Coral - Freeform clay deposition in the service of marine biology

This research investigates an approach to designing and producing an artificial tabular coral by means of freeform 3D printing using natural clay. Most 3D printed artificial corals are formed by scanning natural corals and printing them with conventional layer-by-layer methods, often defined as slicing a model. Here, a freeform clay deposition method is used, which exploits the design opportunities of creating new morphologies of artificial corals, influenced largely by an industrial design perspective. The system allows the designer complete control of the pattern and deposition of the material in relation to the parallel natural coral. This method of designing crafty corals requires full understanding and control of both marine biology and machinery to achieve the desired functionality and aesthetics.


Houseware, medical equipment

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