Rotem Ifrach
Masters degree program

Prof. Ezri Tarazi


A former naval officer in the Israeli Navy, Rotem transitioned from a long service to fervently pursue his passion for design. With an insatiable curiosity, Rotem embraces a myriad of passions, ranging from gymnastics, extreme sports, crafts, arts, music, to traveling. His artistic spirit extends to the realms of musical instruments, DJing, production, and creations in graphics and video.

His journey is fueled by a love for crafts and electronics, with a hands-on approach that permeates each of his interests. As a fully autodidact individual, his self-directed learning is evident in the depth of knowledge he brings to each endeavor.

Rotem achieved his M.Sc in Industrial Design through a dual-path journey: specializing in the design of and for musical instruments and musical interactions, involving experimentation with crafts, manufacturing methods, and materials. Simultaneously, he conducted a research thesis utilizing a deep understanding and exploration of various Additive Manufacturing methods and techniques, combined with parametric and algorithmic design, all under the overarching task of creating artificial coral reefs.

Mondrian Frame -  Digitally Designed and Crafted Sunglasses

The Mondrian-inspired sunglasses frame marked my inaugural venture as a budding designer. Drawing inspiration from the renowned Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, I employed algorithmic design through Rhino + Grasshopper as the primary creative tool. This innovative approach facilitated the development of semi-random rectangular textures and GCODE. The final product was brought to life through 3D printing, showcasing a harmonious blend of art and technology

Paraslap: An Electro-Acoustic String Instrument Designed for the Slapping Technique

The bass slap technique involves thumb strikes on bass strings, creating a distinctive collision sound against the fretboard—synonymous with funk and disco. Esteemed bassists like Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Flea, and Larry Graham pioneered this style, incorporating slapping. Notably, slapping emerged adaptively from the bass guitar user community, rather than its original design, becoming integral to its evolution.


The Paraslap reimagines bass string instruments with meticulous focus on slapping technique. Boasting 8 open strings that are effortlessly accessible by both hands, this innovative design reshapes the boundaries of musical exploration. Drawing

inspiration from the layout of hang drums, the Paraslap introduces an element of percussiveness that enriches its sonic palette. By seamlessly blending

percussive and melodic possibilities, the Paraslap creates a distinct avenue for musicians to express their creativity beyond conventional instruments.


This unique instrument participated in the 2023 “Audio Mostly” conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, and was awarded as the “best demo”!

Research Thesis: Techniques and Approaches for 3D Printing of Overhanging Structures with Clay for Artificial Reefs

Coral reefs are under severe threat, with projections indicating a potential 90% decline by 2050 due to human-induced factors like pollution and global warming. Researchers are actively pursuing strategies for prevention, rehabilitation, and restoration. This thesis delves into the uncharted territory of paste-based printing, specifically Liquid Deposition Modeling (LDM) using clay. Despite clay's natural attributes like porosity and sustainability, its utilization for intricate shapes in 3D printing faces challenges, particularly in dealing with rough overhang angles, viscosity issues, and extended drying times. My research tackles these hurdles head-on, presenting and testing four innovative approaches to enhance clay's 3D printing capabilities for rough overhang angles, intervening in different stages of the traditional 3D-printing process or utilizing completely innovative techniques. The focus on overcoming challenges in printing overhanging elements positions this work at the forefront of advancing clay-based 3D printing for artificial reef creation. The findings not only enrich our understanding of clay's potential but also pave the way for more intricate designs in coral reef rehabilitation and restoration efforts.


Additive Manufacturing, AM, Experimental 3D Printing, Musical instruments, Design for Music


Design, 3D printing, Musical instruments, Design for music and musicians

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