Design Thinking Workshop

סדנת DesignThinking | שבועיים בתאריכים 21-7 ביולי, 4 מפגשים | הרשמה עד ה-3 ביולי.


Are you looking for a pioneering methodology to solve the world's complex problems? Join us for a radical change in how we approach mobility! In this workshop, you will get the special opportunity to learn and apply a radical new problem solving approach by creator and design expert Ezri Tarazi from Technion.



What is UMI?

Urban Mobility is an explosive topic. Municipalities, Professionals & Startups tackle this topic with innovation and high-tech skilled approaches. Within this problem-solution fit process the UMI Program (Urban Mobility Integration) was founded. We consist of 3 leading institutions in startup development, design and urban mobility and two innovative cities: UnternehmerTUM,,Technion, Zone Cluster, The City of Lublin and The City of Munich. Together we are creating a radical change in howmthe world approaches the challenges of urban mobility.
UMI is a project of EIT Urban Mobility, an international consortium dedicated to accelerating solutions that improve our collective use of urban spaces, while ensuring accessible, convenient, safe, efficient, sustainable and affordable multimodal mobility.