Design-Tech Guest Lecture: Yaron Loubaton

Yaron Loubaton teaches at the ID. department at the Bezalel Academy.
Loubaton studio was founded in 2005. Our field of expertise — solution and
styling for the defense field. Over the years, we developed large and small
project With leadihg companies such as |Al, RAFAEL, ELBIT, TOMCR, G—NIUS, IWI, CAIA, the Armor Group USA, 3M6 Italy Moreover, more. The Guardium for G—NIUS, is the first operating unmanned system.

Over the years we developed many projects in all categories. We are working
With our Clients from the beginning of initial concepts, With basic models
and hand sketches, through the process of the development With detailed
drawings and 3D models. Elected for Best Design in 2009 and 2011 by the
ministry of commerce of Israel.

16.1.2019, 14:30, Design-Tech Lab, Room 100, Amado building, The Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion.