Design-Tech Guest Lecture: Arch. Guy Ostern

19.12.2018, 14:30, Design-Tech Lab, Room 100, Amado building, The Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion.

Throughout history, there has been a close connection between the architect, the design and the production methods used to realize her ideas. We are at the end of an industrial revolution in production tools based on cutting tools, printing and milling computer manufacturing. The new tools have changed the way we build buildings, but the existing design methods have not yet assimilated the limitations of the new production processes.
The research focuses on the development of computational tools that can be used to evaluate and improve the production processes of concrete elements of complex shapes. With geometrical analysis, the tools developed to predict the feasibility and resources required to create patterns for the elements. The use of geometrical analyzes is fundamentally different from the accepted approach in industry, which relies on long simulations. In the proposed method, it is possible to obtain an accurate assessment of the production potential with ease and in a fraction of the time required today.
The tools developed will enable architects to choose the most suitable means of production for their design and adapt the design to the chosen production methods.