Rash Rash Rash – Contemporary Rattles

Prof. Ezri Tarazi and Design Assistant (Master Yuval Gur) present a generative rattle in the exhibition ‘Rash Rash Rash’ – Contemporary Rattles of the Bezalel School | Curators: Dr. Ido Noy, Dr. Shirat Miriam Shamir

Opening: Sunday, March 8, 2020 at 6:00 PM The Chimbalista Jewish Heritage Center, The Enrico Stranger Museum of Judaism in collaboration with the Jerusalem Biennale

Closing: April 5, 2020

State of Extremes

An international group exhibition celebrating a decade for the Design Museum in Holon. The printed clay coral display was created by Ofer Berman and Prof. Ezri Tarazi, in collaboration with Dana Shaviv

December 2019 – May 2020
Design Museum, Holon
Opening: 11.12.2019


Extreme – Design In The Age of Extremism

To expose, to criticize, to resist, to moderate, to exacerbate.
How extreme can the situation be?
“Extreme – design in the age of extremism” – the design conference of the Holon Design Museum.
Ezri Tarazi * Ron Khalili * Itai Herman “The Chaser” * Meirav Peretz * and more.

Come and hear from the best designers and curators of the new exhibition about the mechanisms that drive the processes of extremism in the world and what is the role of designers as part of this reality.

Thursday | 12.12 | 9: 00-13: 30

תקווה, امل, HOPE

Ezri Tarazi and Design-Tech Lab are showing at the new exhibition in Museum Rishon Lezion, on 7th of March, 2019, 20:00 opening.

Curated by Dana Arieli, the exhibition ‘Hope’ is opening this week with the new design installation made by Ezri Tarazi and Design-Tech Lab designers: Amichai Abarbanel, Ofer Berman, Alexander Geht, Yasha Grobman, Robi Gal, Ofri Lotan, Haim Parnas, Nadav & Guni Kofman,Anastasia Kolomintz, Dani Ram, Nitzan Sharon, Ezra Uzeri, Michael Weitzman.

On the installation 13 objects that became iconic in the Israeli culture and was re-designed for an age of 3D printing.