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Offri Lotan
Masters degree program

Prof Ezri Tarzi
Prof Gil Yosslevski

Offri Lotan is a Masters student at the Technion Institute of Technology Israel. He received his B.A from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. Works as an industrial designer in the field of medical technology development. In addition to industrial design, Offri is a commercial skipper with thousands of miles of experience and an Atlantic crossing. Offri’s research usually connects industrial design or design thinking methods with another research field like biology or engineering. His recent research is a collaboration between the department of Architecture and the department of Aerodynamics. His current resides in Haifa Israel where you can find him at the lab or surfing in the sea.

A bridge between shape and context, re-designing the shape of the modern surfboard

Modern surfboard design is still based on an experience of a gifted craftsman. There is no mathematical theory that can predict the feel of a surfboard under a surfer’s foot. In our research we suggest to make a small step toward rationalizing surfboard design by correlating measurable merits of performance (as forces and moments acting on the board in linear and curvilinear motion), with surfboards shape parameters (as rocker, planform and thickness) and with surfers’ subjective feelings on a wave.

The research will use a quantitative research methodology, a few representative surfboards will be measured, and tested both in the towing tank and at sea. Testing in the towing tank will furnish the hydrodynamic forces and moments generated by a board as a function of its orientation relative to the direction of motion. Testing at sea by a group of experienced surfers will furnish the grades on the ability of the boards to perform well defined tasks (e.g. accelerate to catch wave, keep speed, top and bottom turns). Grading of the subjective opinion of the surfers will be done using an equivalent of the Cooper-Harper scale extensively used in flight testing to grade the subjective opinion of pilots on the ability of an aircraft to perform various tasks (as landing, air-refueling, course-keeping, etc.).

Hasake – 3D printed sup

Generative design for 3D printed SUP in order to reduce weight and customize working force loads according to specific customer demands.

3D printed artificial reef

Testing fish behavior in artificial corals. An active approach to help preserve and maintain reefs, the study aims to show how the changes in geometric shapes of corals attract fish.



Surfboard, design, Cooper Harped, hydrodynamics


scuba diving, kite/windsurfing, sailing, DIY building.

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