Ezra Ozery | Msc Student

Ezra Ozery
Masters degree program

Prof. Ezri Tarazi

Architecture graduate from the Technion, with 8 years of experience of teaching a variety of 2d and 3d software to students and enterprises.
I am working with advanced 3D manufacturing machines and techniques to design and execute large scale designs. My final project for architecture was “Sabres Hospital” which was a generative hospital design to fit disaster struck areas and that can be built with standard construction materials.
currently studying a master’s degree in the Technion, Industrial design with a thesis in “Gamification of the rehabilitation process through Virtual Reality”.
I mix my master’s degree with VR gaming for physical therapy and complex generative 3D Printing.

The Gamification of Physical Therapy in Virtual Reality

Improving, tracking and increase in efficiency of physical therapy rehabilitation, using Gamification of the rehabilitation process through VR
Air Castle Therapy is a virtual reality (VR) system which consists of personalized games which are tailored by the physical therapist for the specific needs of the patient. The goal of this product is to gamify the physical therapy process which ranges from beginners training in the VR environment to active therapeutic use. The goal of gamifying the physical therapy process is to improve commitment to the regimen and shorten the therapeutic process due to increased compliance. The gamifying aspect of my product includes games in VR, the first case study game is one that patients must move a ring through a personalized two-dimensional maze in a three-dimensional environment.
The target population of Air Castle Therapy are individuals aged 20-40 who have difficulties with core balance injuries which include but are not limited to; spinal injuries, orthopedic injuries damage due to stroke, scoliosis, and more. The focus of the first case study game is Posture rehabilitation. Posture rehabilitation is a field of physical therapy with the aim of improving muscular and skeletal functioning due to posture problems caused by sickness, injury or genetics. To date, these conditions are treated with conventional physical therapy with home assignments. My system solves problems presented by conventional therapy methods, which can often be boring or tedious. We provide a solution to boredom by turning the process into a game or challenge. Often conventional methods also suffer from problems in commitment and motivation, we contend that our product increases both commitment and motivation through its use of games and by making it convenient to continue therapy from home. The system provides its users with a facilitating and interesting rehabilitation process which can be conducted from the comforts of your own home.


VR, Medical, physical therapy, Gamification, Rehabilitation

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