Submission of Papers:

Reviewing process: peer-reviewed

Chair: Prof. Ezri Tarazi

Program Committee: Prof. Barry Katz, Prof. Gabi Goldschmidt, Haim Parnas, Dr. David Behar, and Yoav Shterman.

Organization committee: Rachel-Getz Solomon, Noam Atias, Lior Arbel, Marnina Herrmann Elozory, Ronen Eidelman, Alexander Geht, and Ofer Berman.

Abstract Submission deadline: Deadline is over

Final Abstract submission: May 1, 2019

Abstract: Max 300-500 words

Full Paper submission: May 15, 2019

No. of pages:  Max 4500 words + Max 2 pages for references

Paper and Abstract conference proceeding template will be sent with the acceptance letter.


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