Online Q&A – Register for MID \ M.Sc

Online Q&A with head of industrial design graduate program at the Technion, prof. Ezri Tarazi – open to all who are considering registering as students for MID \ M.Sc 12:00 // meeting the dean and the chairs 13:00 // meeting faculty from the Industrial design department 13:30 // special meeting on PhD oportunities … Continue reading “Online Q&A – Register for MID \ M.Sc”

Studio Presentations 29.07

Open presentations for guests Industrial Design Studio, Technion Master’s Degree 09:30 – 16:00

DesignThinking Workshop

סדנת DesignThinking | שבועיים בתאריכים 21-7 ביולי, 4 מפגשים | הרשמה עד ה-3 ביולי. 4 SESSIONS | 2 WEEKS ONLINE Are you looking for a pioneering methodology to solve the world’s complex problems? Join us for a radical change in how we approach mobility! In this workshop, you will get the special opportunity to learn … Continue reading “DesignThinking Workshop”


The passion for Fashion – Podcast version

Reut Turgeman and Rachel Getz Solomon choose a different theme from the fashion world on each episode in their podcast and “dress up on it” you can find the full article here


What can you do when coral reefs are dying because of global warming, ocean acidification, coral bleaching, pollution, and overfishing? If you’re professor Ezri Tarazi, you use new technology to create artificial reefs, which can hopefully attract fish and repopulate reefs in formerly barren areas. The twist? As chair of both the Design-Tech Lab and … Continue reading “3D PRINTED TERRA COTTA TILES CREATE ARTIFICIAL REEFS IN THE RED SEA”

MDT 2021

Maritime Design & Technology MDT 2021 Technion Conference Call for presentations Design-Tech Lab at the Technion has initiated an effort to form an interdisciplinary forum on Design and Technology for the marine territory. As a highly multi-disciplinary research area, we believe that such a forum can vastly improve the inter-departmental collaborations between Technion researchers on … Continue reading “MDT 2021”