Online Q&A – Register for MID \ M.Sc

Online Q&A with head of industrial design graduate program at the Technion, prof. Ezri Tarazi – open to all who are considering registering as students for MID \ M.Sc 12:00 // meeting the dean and the chairs 13:00 // meeting faculty from the Industrial design department 13:30 // special meeting on PhD oportunities … Continue reading “Online Q&A – Register for MID \ M.Sc”

Studio Presentations 29.07

Open presentations for guests Industrial Design Studio, Technion Master’s Degree 09:30 – 16:00

DesignThinking Workshop

סדנת DesignThinking | שבועיים בתאריכים 21-7 ביולי, 4 מפגשים | הרשמה עד ה-3 ביולי. 4 SESSIONS | 2 WEEKS ONLINE Are you looking for a pioneering methodology to solve the world’s complex problems? Join us for a radical change in how we approach mobility! In this workshop, you will get the special opportunity to learn … Continue reading “DesignThinking Workshop”


MDT 2022

Maritime Design & Technology MDT 2022 Technion 02 Conference Call for presentations Design-Tech Lab at the Technion has initiated an effort to form an interdisciplinary forum on Design and Technology for the marine territory. As a highly multi-disciplinary research area, we believe that such a multi-institutional forum can vastly improve the collaborations between studies on … Continue reading “MDT 2022”

Drawing Dreams

  The development of four students from the industrial design track at the Technion allows Shani, a six-year-old girl born with cerebral palsy, to draw and eat on her own for the first time in her life. Dana Gur-Gelbard, Hadas Weizman, Marina Gabinsky, and Mor Heinrich – have met on the Master of Science in … Continue reading “Drawing Dreams”

The passion for Fashion – Podcast version

Reut Turgeman and Rachel Getz Solomon choose a different theme from the fashion world on each episode in their podcast and “dress up on it” you can find the full article here