Design-Tech 2019 Conference Keynote Speakers

Barry Katz

Professor, Industrial and Interaction Design, California College of the Arts, Consulting Professor, Design Group, Stanford University

On June 18 at 14:00
Redesigning Design

“The last 10 years have seen deeper and more far-ranging changes than any previous decade in human history: the smartphone, autonomous vehicles, cloud computing, blockchain, the maturing of AI, the commercialization of genomics… to name only the most prominent. Indeed, there is a growing consensus that as a species we have embarked upon a “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” the “Second Machine Age,” and any number of other markers of a brave new world. Do the theories and methods that designers have applied so successfully in the past provide a reliable guide to the future? This talk will explore the challenges facing designers in a period of unprecedented systemic change”


Prof. Dr. Gesche Joost
Professor for Design Research at the Berlin University of the Arts and Head of the Design Research Lab.

On 19 June 2019, at 9:30am
Digital Society: The role of Design in transformation

Digital technologies enable participation, access to knowledge and resources as well as groundbreaking innovation – but at the same time they are the root cause for the digital divide, global inequality as well as data monopolies. Therefore, Design plays an important role in shaping our digital future for the better or the worse. Between the vibrant innovation ecosystem of the Maker Culture and the Chinese Social Scoring System we have to navigate our design interventions. In my talk, I will show sample projects from alternative open source infrastructures, wearable computing and new forms of human computer interaction in order to highlight design perspectives on the digital society. 

Prof. Kalevi “Eetu” Ekman
Director of Aalto Design Factory, Finland.

On 18 June, at 9:45am
Passion Based Learning

Bridging the gaps between engineering, design, and business was the starting point of new Aalto University in 2010. The Design Factory has served as Aalto’s university-wide, experimental environment for such interdisciplinary activities and courses. In the presentation professor, Ekman shares his thoughts about sustainable learning, the importance of hands-on activities, testing and interacting with users. The word passion is very characteristic for many moments in such a learning process.

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Design-Tech Guest Lecture: Dana Benshalom

22.5.2019, 13:30, PeKA Architecture Gallery, Amado building, Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion.

עיצוב אמפתי וחומרים רכים
Empathic design and soft materials

דנה היא מעצבת חומרים וחוקרת עיצוב עצמאית, המתמחה בתהליכי פיתוח וחדשנות למוצרים בעלי אוריינטציה טקסטילית. היא מרצה בבצלאל ובשנקר. בהרצאה היא תעסוק בקשרים המורכבים שבין טקסטיל, עולם שלכשעצמו נמצא בתווך שבין עיצוב, טכנולוגיה, הנדסה ומדע, לבין משתמש הקצה. דרך הצגת פרויקטים שעליהם עבדה, היא תסקור את המורכבויות הפיזיות, הפסיכולוגיות והעיצוביות המקבלות מענה מטכנולוגיות טקסטיל וחומרים רכים.


When you write about augmented reality headsets, you’re supposed to start by describing something impossible — like a pastel dinosaur stomping its feet in a quiet office space in Florida. This dinosaur is made of fist-sized blocks that look like candy, and the office belongs to Magic Leap, a mysterious startup that’s been working in near-total secrecy for seven years. I should clarify that the dinosaur also isn’t real. It exists only in the lenses of the Magic Leap One, a pair of goggles that Magic Leap hopes will replace phones, computers, and every other high-tech screen in our lives. The whimsical anecdote setup is supposed to emphasize how well the Magic Leap One tricked my mind into believing this impossible thing existed, which is what I’d hoped would happen last month when Magic Leap invited me to its headquarters. But it just didn’t happen.
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