Reigniting creativity in business

Creativity is hard! Traditional brainstorming sessions more often than not fail to spark the innovative solutions they are thought to bring about. Yet creativity is critical in today’s business landscape and the lifespan of a good idea just seems to get shorter and shorter. So what is one to do in order inject a dose of creative thinking into their lives? Accept doubt! In this talk BCG consultant Alan Ivy explains how to use doubt to question assumptions and embrace uncertainty. He explains that rather than chase after new ideas reframe existing ones, citing Bic’s transformation as a pen company to a disposable plastic consumer goods company as one example. Listen here>>

Mercedes EQ brand defines the future of beauty for electric mobility

From the ‘vision mercedes maybach ultimate luxury’ to the mercedes-AMG ‘GT 4-door coupe’, the german automobile brand’s design philosophy of sensual purity has spread across their portfolio over recent years. the mantra aims to establish the characteristics of intelligent emotion – ease, respect, trust and love – through a balance of hot and cool styling. luxury is at its core, but, commandeering the cliché that designers always work in the future, what does luxury look like in the time to come? read more>>


Patient neglect kills. AI could help stop it

In the vast majority of hospitals, nurses are required to check on patients at least once an hour. This practice, called hourly rounding, is designed to reduce the number of patient falls and pressure ulcers, which happen when bedridden people don’t move enough. But there’s no way to know whether nurses are checking every hour–or even at all. Patient neglect is a nationwide problem. According to a 2016 study, medical errors–which include lapses in caregiving that lead to falls and injuries–are the third leading cause of death in the country, causing more than 250,000 deaths per year. “In nursing homes and hospitals, we hear horror stories about neglect,” says Michael Wang, an entrepreneur and registered nurse who worked in the cardiothoracic wing of New York Presbyterian Hospital. “Patients become injured or they die for the very simple fact that no one checked on them.” read more>>

Nino robotic bartender can make “any drink in seconds”

Italian architect Carlo Ratti and his company Makr Shakr have launched a mass-market robotic cocktail maker.

Nino is an updated version of Makr Shakr‘s existing Bionic Bar, which debuted at Milan design week in 2013 and has since been put into use in cruise liners and hotels.

Nino has the capacity to mix an infinite variety of cocktails from up to 170 bottles of different spirits stored in its overhead rack.

Customers can place orders via an accompanying phone app, where they can either pick a recipe created by a professional mixologist, or devise their own concoctions. learn more >>

10 reasons why every designer should learn 3D

Are you already designing in 3D? If not, this is a list of 10 reasons why should probably consider learning some 3D skills – and thanks to the available software and training, today is the best time ever to start. Despite all the advancement in digital technologies, as you have probably noticed most design-related websites and magazines are still dominated by 2D images: from sketches to drawings and renders, bidimensional images are still crucial in the creative design stage – which is not a bad thing, as they are still the fastest way to visually communicate and explore new ideas.


Tradition vs Progress: The Art of the American Fire Helmet

There is an old adage in the firefighting community that the profession is 150 years of tradition unimpeded by progress.

The original fire helmet, then called a fire cap, was designed in 1731 by Jacobus Turk for the Fire Department of New York in order to distinguish the department from competitors. (Scarily enough, firefighting was once privatized—just like in the movie ‘Gangs of New York.’)

read more >

Become the creative you’ve always wanted to be by embracing these seven habits

On a new article on Quartz magazine:

The most commonly held belief about creativity is that it’s elusive, esoteric and unique only to the anointed few…. Today, we deconstruct and analyze even the most elusive of processes. We come to understand that there are specific behaviors and mindsets which anyone can use to reach a desired result.

Here are the seven behaviors of highly creative people. Read More >

New Paradigms of Beauty

On the 29th James H. Belfer Memorial Symposium, on the subject of “Design and Manufacturing in the Industry 4.0 Era” on Monday 28th of May, 2018 Prof. Ezri Tarazi the chair of Design-Tech Initiative at the Technion has been lectured on the topic of  ‘New paradigms of beauty – aesthetic and functionality in digital design’. In his lecture, Prof. Tarazi has given design examples from his own work and from up to date concept designs and raised the question of what will look beautiful in our near future?

The conference was organized by Prof. Miri Weiss Cohen, Braude College of Engineering and Prof. Yoram Halevi, Technion