Design-Tech Guest Lecture: Amit Zoran

10.4.2019, 13:30, PeKA Architecture Gallery, Amado building, Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion.

מבוא לגסטרונומיה דיגיטלית
על חזון המטבח ההיברידי, בין תהליכים ידניים למיחשוב

עמית הוא מרצה בכיר בביה”ס להנדסה ומדעי המחשב באוניברסיטה העברית. הוא חוקר את הפוטנציאל במפגש בין טכנולוגיות המיחשוב לבין כישורי מלאכת-יד קלסיים. בהרצאה זו הוא יספר על מתכונים המשלבים תהליכים ידניים עם כלי עיצוב ותכנון פרמטרים. הגישה הזו מאפשרת לטבח לשלוט במבני טעם ואסתטיקה באוכל.

ההרצאה מתקיימת במסגרת סמסטר האביב של המסלול לתארים מתקדמים בעיצוב תעשייתי בטכניון Design-Tech. מדי שבוע בימי רביעי בזמן הפסקת הצהרים נארח הרצאות פתוחות עם מיטב המעצבים המקומיים.

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Design-Tech Guest Lecture: Liora Rosin

3.4.2019, 13:30, PeKA Architecture Gallery, Amado building, The Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion.

Liora is a designer and design researcher, specializing in the field of product development and strategic innovation in the food industry. In this talk she will map the opportunities in the meeting between designers and the food industry, and will share insights on the connection between taste, shape, experience and memory.

Design-Tech Guest Lecture: Noam Dover

20.3.2019, 13:30, PeKA Architecture Gallery, Amado building, The Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion.

A lecture about the potential of mould-blown glass to tell the story of its own making process, and to reflect on its origins in both the DNA of craft and technological contexts. The practice is introduced to open digital fabrication technology while maintaining a link to craft history, recognising profound skills, innovations and knowledges, and how these knowledges accumulated into ordered techniques and material culture. The term ‘bridging’ suggests the connection between the history of vessel making and contemporary craft participation which embraces digital possibilities; mould making is the keystone in that bridging.

Design-Tech Lab on show in Rishon Lezion Museum

Ezri Tarazi and Design-Tech Lab are showing at the new exhibition in Museum Rishon Lezion, on 7th of March, 2019, 20:00 opening.

Curated by Dana Arieli, the exhibition ‘Hope’ is opening this week with the new design installation made by Ezri Tarazi and Design-Tech Lab designers: Amichai Abarbanel, Ofer Berman, Alexander Geht, Yasha Grobman, Robi Gal, Ofri Lotan, Haim Parnas, Nadav & Guni Kofman,Anastasia Kolomintz, Dani Ram, Nitzan Sharon, Ezra Uzeri, Michael Weitzman.

On the installation 13 objects that became iconic in the Israeli culture and was re-designed for an age of 3D printing.

Design-Tech 2019 call for papers

Design-Tech 2019 Conference
Call for papers

International Conference on Design and Technology,  June 18-19, 2019
Technion, Haifa, Israel

The Design-Tech 2019 conference is a new and unique platform for researchers and practitioners in the field of design initiated to showcase their work. Being held for the first time at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, the conference will enable attendees to visit one of the most vibrant start-up eco-systems in the world.

Abstract Submission deadline: March 15, 2019
Submission: 300-500 words
Submit your abstract: Submission Form

The first round of reviews: March 30, 2019

Full paper submission: April 15, 2019
Notification: May 1, 2019
No. of pages:  Max 4500 words + Max 2 pages for references


Design-Tech Guest Lecture: Yaron Loubaton

16.1.2019, 14:30, Design-Tech Lab, Room 100, Amado building, The Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion.

Yaron Loubaton teaches at the ID. department at the Bezalel Academy.
Loubaton studio was founded in 2005. Our field of expertise — solution and
styling for the defense field. Over the years, we developed large and small
project With leadihg companies such as |Al, RAFAEL, ELBIT, TOMCR, G—NIUS, IWI, CAIA, the Armor Group USA, 3M6 Italy Moreover, more. The Guardium for G—NIUS, is the first operating unmanned system.

Over the years we developed many projects in all categories. We are working
With our Clients from the beginning of initial concepts, With basic models
and hand sketches, through the process of the development With detailed
drawings and 3D models. Elected for Best Design in 2009 and 2011 by the
ministry of commerce of Israel.

Design-Tech Guest Lecture: Ilanit Kabessa Cohen

2.1.2018, 14:30, Design-Tech Lab, Room 100, Amado building, The Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion.

Ilanit Kabessa Cohen has spent her 20, year career as a successful innovator and business builder in the food and consumer industries. Most recently, Ilanit was the head of Innovation, Startups & Digital business unit at Osem-Nestle, Israel, and a member of Nestle Global Innovation team. With a design background, Ilanit has been working throughout her career in the intersection of Business and Creative approaches, achieving high targeted business results. An entrepreneur, a mentor, a Foodie and a founding member of the nascent Israeli FoodTech Eco-System.