Design-Tech Guest Lecture: Ilanit Kabessa Cohen

Ilanit Kabessa Cohen has spent her 20, year career as a successful innovator and business builder in the food and consumer industries. Most recently, Ilanit was the head of Innovation, Startups & Digital business unit at Osem-Nestle, Israel, and a member of Nestle Global Innovation team. With a design background, Ilanit has been working throughout her career in the intersection of Business and Creative approaches, achieving high targeted business results. An entrepreneur, a mentor, a Foodie and a founding member of the nascent Israeli FoodTech Eco-System.

2.1.2018, 14:30, Design-Tech Lab, Room 100, Amado building, The Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion.

Design-Tech Guest Lecture: Arch. Guy Ostern

19.12.2018, 14:30, Design-Tech Lab, Room 100, Amado building, The Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion.

Throughout history, there has been a close connection between the architect, the design and the production methods used to realize her ideas. We are at the end of an industrial revolution in production tools based on cutting tools, printing and milling computer manufacturing. The new tools have changed the way we build buildings, but the existing design methods have not yet assimilated the limitations of the new production processes.
The research focuses on the development of computational tools that can be used to evaluate and improve the production processes of concrete elements of complex shapes. With geometrical analysis, the tools developed to predict the feasibility and resources required to create patterns for the elements. The use of geometrical analyzes is fundamentally different from the accepted approach in industry, which relies on long simulations. In the proposed method, it is possible to obtain an accurate assessment of the production potential with ease and in a fraction of the time required today.
The tools developed will enable architects to choose the most suitable means of production for their design and adapt the design to the chosen production methods.

Design-Tech Guest Lecture: Dan Ram – Looking

12.12.2018, 14:30, Design-Tech Lab, Room 100, Amado building, The Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion.

Dan Ram, Automotive & Product Designer, in 2013 establish Designfields, An independent design house, mastering in cross platform design thinking, UX design, Product design, Automotive design. providing a creative process developing innovative products and design for international brands and startups like: General Motors, Pininfarina, Green Road, Sight Diagnostics ,Jugano and more. Dan was living and working for 4 years in Tokyo designing cars for Infiniti and Nissan advance Design and 4 years in London working with Philippe Starck on various products collection, among the others, working for Samsung Design Europe on future smartphones concepts and IDEO Tel Aviv and London. in 2008 joined better place as head of Design and UX, Dan is Royal College of Art graduate MA Vehicle Design, s,nsored by Fiat and Bezalel Art & Design Academy Jerusalem graduate B.Des Industrial Design.

Design-Tech Guest Lecture: Amos Boaz – High performance design

14.11.2018, 14:30, Design-Tech Lab, Room 100, Amado building, The Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion.

Amos Boaz is a specialist in industrial design and styling of high performance vehicles, with more then 18 years of experience designing vehicles all over the world.
These days Amos is being busy doing projects dealing with the future of transportation – new vehicle platforms, autonomous vehicles and electric vehicles. Amos also lectures in the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem.

Design-Tech Guest Lecture: Yaron Ronen – Harsh environment lighting system Case-study

31.10.2018, 14:30, Design-Tech Lab, Room 100, Amado building, The Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion.

The first Design-Tech Guest Lecture in our 2018-2019 series is Yaron Ronen. He is an R&D expert for LEDs lighting and control systems with over 22 years of experience in developing, designing and manufacturing consumer products. Yaron is an expert for 3d printing and digital manufacturing. Combining over 25 years of experience in manufacturing and craft technologies together with 10 years’ experience in Additive manufacturing Yaron is looking for new innovative challenges and solutions toward the next level of material perception by humanity.

Design-Tech on Jam-Tech

On the 9th of July, a  Jam-Tech conference lead by Prof. Ezri Tarazi from Design-Tech Lab at the Technion was conducted for 55 high school teachers. The Jam-Tech is a new initiative by the Israeli Ministry of Education, lead by Einat Kritzman, is a new educational experiment that explores the benefit of combining high school students from 3 different disciplines such as Design, Electrical Engineering, Robotics and Computer Science together for a mutual project. This year the teachers from the various disciplines were conducting an experiment among themselves lead by Prof. Tarazi, producing a final project, and presenting it in the final conference. During the academic year, the teacher had 19 online meeting with Prof. Tarazi, with the help of a research assistant, Nofar Ken. At the conference was hosted at Ort Tivon technology high school, and included a visit to their new Maker Space.

Visit at the Maker Space at Ort Tivon and meeting the school manager

Design-Tech demo day 10/08/2018

Design at the 4th Industrial Revolution course lead by Yoav Shterman suggests mass customization using new parametric tools for designers using new tools with Grasshopper and Rhino. Yoav Shterman came to the Design-Tech program at the Technion from MIT Media Lab and NIKE R&D, and will interduce during the demo day 7 presentations Design-Tech Projects of Master Students at the Technion Industrial Design graduate program.

Final Project Demo Day 2/8/2018

Design-Tech Demo-Day
2nd of August
he latest batch of the Master program for Industrial Design, present for a special invited set of people:
2nd of August, from 09:00 to 17:30 at the 100 design studio room, Amadu building, Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning.

Guest: Prof. Barry Katz, Stanford

apply for an Invite:

Prof. Yehuda Kalay Farewell Party 20/7/2018

On the 27th of June, we had a Farewell party to Prof. Yehuda Kalay, who is moving back to the U.S. after 7 years in Israel and the Technion.
Prof. Kalay was serving as a Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Town planning, and was the one of the initiators of Design-Tech at the Technion.

Prof. Yehudah Kalay and Prof. Ezri Tarazi at the Farewell Party

Design-Tech Lecture for Industrialists 16/7/2018

On July 16, 2018, a lecture by Prof. Ezri Tarazi, commissioned by the Ministry of Economics, was given on the place of design in the creative economy. In his lecture on the new elements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Prof. Tarazi spoke about the fascinating encounter between design and technology. Prof. Tarazi has brought examples of projects he has done with Israeli industry and projects currently being held at the Technion’s Design-Tech lab.

Design Identity exercise 22/7/2018

A studio is an artist or worker’s workroom. This can be for the purpose of acting, architecture, painting, pottery (ceramics), sculpture, origami, woodworking, scrapbooking, photography, graphic design, filmmaking, animation, industrial design, radio or television production broadcasting or the making of music. The term is also used for the workroom of dancers, often specified to dance studio.