Alexander Geht

M.Des candidate

Prof. Ezri Terezi , Prof. Yasha Grobman

Alexander is a researcher, designer, maker and entrepreneur from Israel, he focusing on developing products for people with disabilities.
Geht is an Industrial Design Master student at Technion-Haifa, B.Des cum laude from Bezalel Academy of art and design in Jerusalem, and Electronic Practical Engineer. He focuses on research, innovation, and praxis of digital manufacturing in the aim to create customizable mass products for people with disabilities.
Alexander focuses on research, innovation, and praxis of digital manufacturing, including the learning and developing manufacturing methods, Fitting the product to the technology and vice versa, optimizing product in production processes. Furthermore, implementing insights into developing new technologies.

Anatomic Mass Customization and Assistive Technology

The influence of Modulated Extrusion on design aesthetic and mechanical properties in 3D printing

Extrusion 3d printing processes are typically based on a horizontal discretization of solid geometry and layered deposition of materials. The speed and the rate of the deposition are constant and determined by the material stability criteria, limiting technology possibilities. Manipulating printing speed and amount of extruded material, expand design and fabrication possibilities. This method is known as Modulated Extrusion (ME).

This research explores the benefits of Modulated Extrusion method in big area additive manufacturing 3d printers, focusing on architecture and product design fields. Aim of this work is to develop new aesthetics language and mechanical properties of the printed products, expanding the range of possible outcomes, using the same 3D printing hardware. Outcomes of this research can dramatically affect on the extrusion printing field including bio-printing, product design, and architecture.

Expression 3D Printing, Design, Digital Fabrication, Experimental 3D Printing, BAAM

Design, 3D Printing