Skincare for the 21st Century

These days it often seems like 3D printing is the answer to everything. While this incredible technology has been used to create everything from houses to body parts, researchers at Panasonic are creating innovative skincare solutions using an “old fashioned” ink-jet printer.

Most people have some kind of skin concern and covering it up takes time and a skill-level many people do not have. Additionally, people may need to apply heavy layers of makeup to cover discoloration and may have trouble finding readily available makeup shades that match their skin tone.
Panasonic developed a technology that uses a mirror sensor to detect skin color as well as the shape and area of the skin discoloration. Makeup is formulated based on the results and using cosmetic ink, is printed on a thin medical film which can be applied to the skin just with water.
Material chemistry, image processing and ink jet printing technology had to be brought together to develop this product which has the potential to revolutionize skincare. To learn more >>