Is 3D Printing the Future of Healthcare?

The uses for 3D printing are endless, and CastPrint in Latvia has just added an innovative new healthcare product to that list. CastPrint, makes personalized 3D printed casts that not only look beautiful but also are slim enough to wear with one’s regular clothing. While this sounds trivial, it was actually the initial inspiration for the product. Janis Olins used to work as an auditor, upon breaking his elbow he found himself unable to go to work, not because he couldn’t perform his pro fessional duties but because he couldn’t fit a suit over his cast and wouldn’t look professional. This inspired him to ask his now business partner, and 3D printing enthusiast, Sigvards Krongorns about the printing a cast. From there CastPrint was born.

The cast isn’t only about fashion though; it doesn’t immobilize more of a person’s broken limb than is medically necessary making it a more comfortable choice. Additionally, casts can be taken on and off, meaning therapy can start sooner which cuts down on recovery time and costs.

Casts are currently available for wrist, palm, ankle and finger fractures at a number of clinics in Latvia. To find out more >>