Forget Dehydration, Give Jelly Drops a Try

Design is at its very best when used for good. Lewis Hornby did just that when he created Jelly Drops. After noticing his dementia-afflicted grandmother was having trouble staying hydrated, a common problem amongst those with dementia, Hornby designed the bite-sized, edible pods of water that look like colorful candy. People with dementia often have trouble drinking, either because they don’t recognize they are thirsty or because they don’t have the dexterity to do it. By disguising water as a delicious snack, Jelly Drops encourage those with dementia to stay hydrated. In order to come up with his brilliant solution Hornby spent time “experiencing” what it was like to live with dementia through time spent in a care home and the use of VR tools. While this brilliant innovation was designed as a school project, Hornby has already received multiple awards and offers to run trials at old-age facilities. To read more>>