Marine Design Lab

The Marine Design Lab was established by Prof. Ezri Tarazi, and Haim Parnas, both are marine research-divers at the InterUniversity Institute Eilat. Haim Parnas, as the managing director of this lab, initiated the first Design marine and extreme environment concept at the Industrial Design department at Bezalel Academy (as a former chair 2008-2016). He leads the Marine Design theme at the Design-Tech Lab and the weekly Design Tech Lab Colloquium on the topic.

Prof. Ezri Tarazi and Haim Parnas on a Helitrox rebreather dive at the IUI slope, Aug 2018.


Haim Parnas during Helitrox dives with the ISC Meg 2.7, and 50% Oxygen Deco BO, March 2019

The lab has diving equipment including an ISC TIBURON rebreather, that enables the researchers to dive in silence with no bubbles close to their research subjects.

Ophir Hameiri, the dive officer of the IUI lead the team, August 2018

The first paper of the lab is going to be published in ‘Design Journal’ after it was presented at the EAD 2019 at Dundee design conference by Prof. Ezri Tarazi.