Orni Bloch

Masters degree program

Enhancing experience of nature in urban park through design


The expansion of urban space in Israel and around the world is an ongoing process that is expected to intensify. Currently, most of the growing population occurs in cities. As a result, two major problems arise: first, urban development deletes and degrades natural ecosystems leading to rapid species extinction and contribution to the growing biodiversity crisis.  Second, people who live in crowded urban spaces live in isolation from the natural environment. This phenomenon was described as the “extinction of experience” and is very concerning, as a growing body of research shows that interaction with natural environments is essential for maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  In addition to the loss of well-being and health benefits resulting from this alienation from nature, studies have also shown that living away from nature can reduce people’s affinity to nature, feeling of connection to nature and as a result their willingness to support nature conservation. Therefore, in my thesis I seek to understand how multispecies design intervention can enhance the experience of nature in urban parks on its social and ecological benefits. First, I intend to do a design process of developing some interventions that draw visitors’ attention to the nature around them, to small details that happen by them . By redesigning elements of an urban nature park , I would like to explore the possibility of influencing human interaction with nature in the park. I will compare two different designs of this experience using observations and interviews.


Dr.Daniel Metcalfe & Prof.Assaf Shwartz