Industrial Design in the Era of the Digital Industrial Revolution

Lecturer: Yoav Shterman

In the era of the digital industrial revolution, designers will shift from designing one solution for a product, that is mass produced, to designing parametric design tools that define a range of solutions- a solution space. Those tools will be used by professional and consumers to customize their own version of the product, that will be digitally fabricated. This will require new skillset form designers: algorithmic thinking, programming, UX design, and understanding digital fabrication capabilities and constraints.

The class aims to develop these skills utilizing Rhino-Grasshopper environment. Students will be exposed to advanced workflows in Rhino-Grasshopper to gain an understanding of data types, data structures, meshes, data-driven design, surfaces and more. In addition, we will review and discuss examples of currently available online paramedic design tools, start-up and non-profits that are already working in this fields. Ultimately, as a final project, each student will develop his own design tool, and digitally fabricate one version of his/her design.