Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship

Lecturers: Prof. Ezri Tarazi and Dr. Dana Shefer

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The course focuses on one of the ‘hottest’ topics in the world of technology and innovation: the connection between entrepreneurship and design. ‘Design thinking’ is a methodology for product development that places users and the experience of the user at the center. The ‘design thinking’, which works in parallel with engineering methodological processes, focuses developers’ attention on processes such as empathy, observation, and creative processes like brainstorming and sketches taken from the conceptual world of the design studio. The proposed course is designed for engineering students, exposing them to theoretical foundations in ‘Design Thinking’ and entrepreneurship, assimilating the critical importance of ‘Design Thinking’ to the success of a product or service development process, and will gain hands-on experience through working on projects in multidisciplinary teams.