Sofy Mahagna

Masters degree program


Prof. Ezri Terezi
Yoav Shterman

Examine the Craft form in the technology age by developing a new system consisting of combining handmade design along with digital tools for CNC manufacturing. Modern technology reduces the need for manual work, today’s design making and the process relies on mechanization rather than hand-operated, thus traditional crafts are disappearing even though human skills are diverse the machine has replaced the craftsman as the industrialization material replaced traditional ones.
In my project I will present an integration practice of traditional craft and contemporary making that creates a dialogue between the craftsman and technological tools, by merging the aesthetic, structural qualities of the hand work and the deep material knowledge among the Craftsman alongside with digital process and production, thus the inherent value of the Hybrid Craft produced by a machine and craftsman working together, not by craftsman or machine alone. Linking between hand and machine in producing the Hybrid Craft made by adopting new color use technique, the craftsman/user draws 2D painting with special grey-scale palette set, the technological tools (Scanner, Grasshopper Code, CNC machine) convert the 2D painting and produce it to 3D model, the developed code reads the 2D painting according to grey-grading scale, the darker it is the thicker it is, while preserving ratio difference between the layers. Moreover, the code is also able to read gradient painting and converts it accordingly. this technique requires not only new methods of making but also of thinking and designing as the craftsman must relate to the color as a 3D tool while drawing in 2D.



What can you do when coral reefs are dying because of global warming, ocean acidification, coral bleaching, pollution, and overfishing? If you’re professor Ezri Tarazi, you use new technology to create artificial reefs, which can hopefully attract fish and repopulate reefs in formerly barren areas. The twist? As chair of both the Design-Tech Lab and the industrial design program of The Technion in Haifa, Israel, he’s using 3D printing to make terra cotta tiles instead of using other materials at the Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences (IUI) on the shores of the Gulf of Eilat.

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MDT 2021

Maritime Design & Technology
MDT 2021 Technion Conference
Call for presentations

Design-Tech Lab at the Technion has initiated an effort to form an interdisciplinary forum
on Design and Technology for the marine territory. As a highly multi-disciplinary research area,
we believe that such a forum can vastly improve the inter-departmental collaborations
between Technion researchers on MDT related topics. As a first step, a Technion-internal
conference event in which Technion researchers will have an opportunity to present their
MDT related research and challenges will be held during next semester on Wednesday,
May 19, 2021
. Additional details will be sent further.
This is a call for submission for short (15 minutes) talks to be held during this MDT day.
If interested, please send to Email title “MDT day submission”:

The following:

1. The title of your talk.
2. The Abstract of your talk, including all researchers involved.
3. The name of the speaker and affiliation (including Email and webpage if any)

Deadline for submission: 21.3.2021
Looking forward to your discussion ideas

Visiting Assoc. Prof. Haim Parnas – Chair

Prof. Ezri Tarazi, Assoc. Prof. Nitai Drimer, Assoc. Prof. Michelle Portman